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Our Mission:
We Act gathers a mix of sport organisations to join efforts in transnational cooperation to face local/regional challenges of women integration, applying education through sport methodology. The project will bring the EU dimension to local level; the development of social integration model for inclusion and diversity of women with fewer opportunities; the knowledge building, increase of work quality and transfer of best practices among sport and non-sport organizations; the awareness raising and increase of participation in sport of vulnerable women with fewer opportunities.

Our Activities

Kick-off Meeting

In June 2022, we came together for the first time as a project group for our kick-off meeting in Delft, The Netherlands.

Joint Staff Event & Midterm Meeting

In March 2023, we celebrated another Transnational Event - a joint staff event combined with Midterm meeting in Cannes, France. During this multi-day event, experts from each organization came together to develop a Guide of Best Practices and experiment with different training practices.

Final Meeting

The final meeting was held in August 2023 in Valladolid, Spain.

Pilot Workshops:

Each organization conducted their own Pilot Workshops with groups of women. The newly specialized trainers experimented with and fine-tuned various aspects of the Trainer’s Toolbox. Feedback was collected and shared amongst the partner group in order to publish a finalized version of the Trainer’s Toolbox.

Pilot Workshops in Bulgaria

Pilot Workshops in Spain

Pilot Workshops in France

Pilot Workshops in The Netherlands

Multiplier Events:

Each organization has orginized local multiplier events in the final phase of the project. These multiplier events were used to share the projects outcomes, raise awareness on the project topic.

The We Act multiplier event in Spain was celebrated on 21st October 2023 in Laguna de Duero.

Total of 53 assistants took part between the morning and afternoon sessions. The trainers who implemented the multiplier event were the participants in the We Act JST, celebrated in Cannes, France. The project’s deliverables were presented, and some activities from the Trainer’s Toolbox were implemented during the event. All assistants were over 15 years old, mainly members of sport clubs from the municipalities of Laguna de Duero and Valladolid. Additionally, sport organisations from Madrid, Gijon (Asturias) and León joined the activity. There were people in disadvantaged situation, as living in rural zone, families with economic difficulties, students with educational difficulties or immigrants.

The multiplier event was disseminated through the JFC social media to the We Act project target group at local/regional/national level. Additionally, invitation was sent via the mailing list of the club to the local administration, sports’ clubs in Castile and León and Spain, families of the club’s members, the local magazine and sport media.


The Bulgarian team organized the multiplier event combining theoretical and practical parts on October 14. 51 participants joined – women from different women’s clubs in the city, from sport club Harmonia, from the City communal centre, social services from the city. The event was joined by pedagogics from Veliko Tarnovo University, Faculty of Pedagogy, Department of Sport Pedagogics. During the first part of the event, the participants listened to Prolet Velkova who presented the project outputs and main project philosophy. She shared also some of the modules techniques and tools developed. Discussion arose on the contribution of the state for protecting women against domestic violence and aggression. The representatives of the University will actively explore the possibility to include the Toolbox as a practical tool in their teaching courses. During the second part the participants had an art drawing exercise.


The French multiplier event was held in Cannes on 18th November with 40 participants – coaches, sport activitists, representatives of sport NGOs and agencies. The project’s deliverables were presented, and some activities from the Trainer’s Toolbox were implemented during the event.


The Dutch multiplier events took place on November 28th and reached a total of 72 attending participants. The event took place in Delft. An interesting programme was conducted among different groups of local women including cooking, self defense and dancing activities. The events took place at different locations in Delft such as schools and community centers. The main goal was to promote women empowerment and spread the We Act project philosophy and goals.

Multiplier Event in Bulgaria

Multiplier Event in Spain

Multiplier Event in France

Multiplier Event in The Netherlands


Focus Groups Reports

National Reports were published by each organization pertaining to women’s employability and empowerment through sport activities.

Focus groups’ reports

Best Practices

Each organization researched three different best practices which were active prior to the commencement of the We Act Project. These also pertain to women’s employability and empowerment through sport activities.

Best practices on ETS

Trainer’s Toolbox

Here is the link to download the final version of our trainer’s toolbox:

Trainer’s Toolbox


Final Recommendations:

We Act – Final Recommendations

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